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About Us

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Ashley. I am a single mama to a little girl. I have been creating things since high school. It first stated with canvases. Using acrylic paints. Then I started using different mediums. I would always help put parties together for friends and family. When the pandemic hit I was finishing my bachelors degree. While being home from work and so stressed with school. I needed something to relax me. At that point I started to draw again. I found this procreate program and fell in awe. So I thought I could take this to the next level. Working full time and in school with a child. Was a lot, but I wanted it. Christmas 2020 I bought my first cricut machine. I started with making stickers, keychains, jibbitz and making cold cups. Then I thought why not make this a business. We all know how expensive this can be as just a hobby. So I stared my business February 2021.I thought of the name Sarcrafticly because I am a sarcraftic crafter. My friend also helped me a bit with the name. While I have been back at work I have been trying to perfect my craft. Think of things to make. Then decided why not provide for my crafter friends. Everyone loves glitter. It was a nobrainer for me. Since selling glitter I decided to mix my own glitters. To make me standout from the crowd. My daughter also helps me mix and pick colors.  Enough about me. What do you all want to see or suggest. Feel free to email me. Thanks again for stopping by.

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