Privacy policy

The personal information I collect to ship items will not be shared with anyone excepts the mailing service. Since the only way I can get things to customers is through the mail. This will be the only time I will visit the information. If you need to change information for any reason. You can email be directly at sarcrafticlynn@gmail.com.  Please keep in mind the shipping time frame located on the home page.

How I will notify customers is through email. If you are on the email list, you should receive an email when anything is changed on the site. Also shipping and tracking information will be emailed to you if you left and email. Age requirements are ages 13+. Please consult with an adult to complete the purchase for you if you are between ages 13 and 18.  I will not share any collected information with anyone by any means.


Terms & Conditions

If you need to dispute a purchase. Please contact me at the email address above. I will do my best to resolve the situation as soon as possible. All sales are final. I do not accept returns on digital products. Since the digital product is available to you once the purchase is verified.  All digital items will have their own terms and conditions. I do have a right to refuse service to anyone that is being unruly or using unauthorized credit cards. If I believe there is any fraudulent charges are being made. The order will be cancelled, and you will not receive and item.  

Purchases are processed through the website. Please make sure you double, and quadruple check your name and address is correct.  Refunds and shipping policies will be as follows in their own categories. In case the terms and conditions may change. You will be notified by email. Please be sure to read everything completely. 

Refund Policy

In case you need a refund for an item. I will only refund if the package is lost or stolen. If any items are damaged upon arrival. Please let me know immediately. Please allow at least 10 business days for reimbursement.


At this time, we are not offering any exchanges.

Return Policy

I do not accept returns at this time. All sales are final.


This website is operated solely by Sarcraftcly. By purchasing from us you are agreeing to share your personal information. You are trusting us to offer full services as explained in the policies. You are trusting us to keep all information private unless discussed with you personally.  You agree to NOT recreate, reproduce, duplicate, resell, copy, or exploit any section of the service or policies. Unless explained otherwise (for digital items).  Prices on our products are subject to change without notice.  We have every right to modify or discontinue a product. We are not responsible for changes in the store if you have abandoned your cart.